Mr. Nobody

He wants to remember.
She needs to forget.

A man is found barefoot and barely conscious on an empty Norfolk beach in the middle of January. He is unable to speak and without identification.

Interest in the case is sparked immediately. At the hospital they see him as a medical mystery. The press calls him Mr Nobody, and everybody wants answers.

Who is he? And what happened to him?

When neuropsychiatrist Dr Emma Lewis is asked to find out, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. It also means returning to the small town in Norfolk she was forced to leave fourteen years ago. Pushing bad memories aside, she is determined to help her new patient.

A man who doesn’t remember, and a woman who remembers too much.
He shouldn’t know anything about her.

Especially not that.


In this compelling new thriller, Catherine Steadman explores the human mind, moral dilemmas and hidden secrets. Her previous thriller, Something in the Water, was a Reese Witherspoon Bookclub pick in 2018 and a Richard & Judy Book Club pick in 2019.

Download the first chapter here.

Listen to an extract of the audiobook here.

Praise for Mr. Nobody

“An enjoyable, nail-biting ride”


“From the intriguing opening to the shocking ending, I loved it…”

CJ Tudor

“A highly imaginative tale tinged with Hitchcockian tension and kinetic pacing… Deliciously provocative… Delightfully compelling”

Washington Post

“Original, ingenious and utterly gripping, with characters you’ll really care about as they race towards the brilliantly unexpected ending”

JP Delaney

“Very clever, brilliantly compelling, another amazing read from Catherine Steadman”

BA Paris

“Perfectly paced with an exciting race to the end, this is one clever novel”

Woman’s Weekly

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